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Is Turkey Part of Eu Trade Agreement

By March 23, 2023 Uncategorized

Turkey is a complex country with a unique relationship with the European Union (EU). As a candidate for full EU membership, Turkey has been negotiating its potential accession for years. There are also several trade agreements in place between Turkey and the EU, which facilitate the exchange of goods and services between the two entities.

One of the most important trade agreements between Turkey and the EU is the Customs Union, which was established in 1995. This agreement allows for the free movement of most goods between Turkey and the EU, without the imposition of tariffs or other trade barriers. However, there are some exceptions to this agreement, particularly in relation to agriculture and services.

Despite the Customs Union agreement, Turkey is not technically part of the EU. It is a candidate country, which means that it is attempting to meet the political and economic criteria necessary for EU membership. Negotiations for Turkey`s accession to the EU have been ongoing for several years, but progress has been slow. Some EU member states have expressed concerns over Turkey`s human rights record and democratic practices, which have complicated the accession process.

If Turkey were to become a full member of the EU, it would gain greater access to the EU`s single market and benefit from the free movement of people, goods, and services across the EU`s borders. However, it would also have to adopt EU regulations and standards, which may be difficult for some Turkish industries to adapt to.

In conclusion, while Turkey is not currently part of the EU, it does have a significant trade relationship with the bloc through the Customs Union agreement. The country is also a candidate for full EU membership, and negotiations for accession are ongoing. The future of Turkey`s relationship with the EU remains uncertain, but for now, the Customs Union agreement provides a framework for continued trade and economic cooperation between the two entities.