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What Does Hereinafter Mean in a Contract

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If so ordered by the Secretary, contracting entities may enter into contracts with a potential bidder or contractor only if the bidder or potential contractor has satisfactorily complied with the provisions of this Order or has submitted a compliance program acceptable to the Minister of Labour. During the execution of this contract, the contractor accepts the following: after the juice has been defecated or purified with any of the above means, it will be sent to the evaporation device described below, where it will be concentrated at 26 ° or 28 ° Beaume and then in a continuous flow will be directed either into the service tanks of the vacuum tank. when dark sugar is needed or, if a better colour is desired, in sewage treatment plants. To my nephew, Saul Harrington, one hundred pounds a year, as determined below by a state pension. I will refer to this document below as “the McLoughlin document”. The means by which he transmitted knowledge are displayed on the stone, and below are the following lines. The original inheritance may be propagated by the creator of the foundation, hereinafter referred to as the founder, or by any other person. Visits are designed and planned by CTC members, hereinafter referred to as officers, on behalf of the Corporation. The Secretary of Labor may provide for the issuance of a U.S.

Government Certificate of Merit to employers, unions, or other organizations that operate or may operate under government contracts if the Secretary of State is satisfied that the employer`s personnel and employment practices, or that the employer`s personnel, training, apprenticeship, membership, grievances, and representation, the upgrade and other practices and policies of the union or any other organization must comply with the purposes and provisions of this Order. The discovery of the now famous codex of Khammurabi (Hammurabi)” (hereinafter simply 1 For the transliteration of Babylonian and Assyrian names in general, see Babylonia and Assyria, section ix., proper names. Each of these candidates further agrees and agrees to (1) actively support and cooperate with the Minister of Labour to ensure that contractors and subcontractors comply with these contractual provisions, as well as the relevant rules, regulations and orders of the Secretary, (2) to obtain and provide the Secretary of Labour with the information necessary for the Secretary to monitor such compliance, (3) to apply penalties and penalties for failure to comply with the obligations imposed on the Minister of Labour by the Minister of Labour under Part II, subsection D of this Order, and (4) to refrain from entering into a contract subject to this Order or from extending or otherwise amending such a contract with a contractor excluded from government contracts under Part II, Subsection D of this Ordinance. (b) In accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the Minister of Labour, the Secretary shall, within a reasonable time, make reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with the contractual provisions of this Order by methods of conference, conciliation, mediation and persuasion before any proceeding referred to in subsection (a) (2) of this section is commenced or before a contract is cancelled in whole or in part under the subsection (a) (5) of this section. or is terminated. With good food for your author in the next Nathan. Whenever the Minister of Labour makes a decision under section 209, the secretary shall immediately inform the competent authority thereof. The Agency shall take the measures ordered by the Secretary and notify the Minister of Labour of the results of the measures it has taken within a time limit set by the Secretary. If the client does not take the ordered action within thirty days, the secretary may take the action directly. The Minister of Labour is responsible for ensuring compliance with the order and any provisions or regulations of application by all government contractors and subcontractors. All contracting agencies must comply with the provisions of this Regulation and any terms, regulations or orders of application of the Secretary of Labour. Contracting authorities shall cooperate with the Minister of Labour and provide the information and support requested by the Secretary.

Nonexistent. Check your dictionary on the existence of words here, here and here. They are not mentioned or considered as “formal” or “written” (high) language. If a dictionary gives examples, you will recognize them as contractual “legal language.” English dictionaries also tend to trace the meaning of these words to American English. One of the manuals for drafting the contract, although written by an “upsetting” author,[29] advises that “their removal from the general discourse makes them prime candidates for the chop, and they generally become easily dispensable.” This explains why these words are not only archaic legal language, but also vague. .