Whether you want to create a personal video or a marketing campaign for your business, stock footage can meet your needs. It helps businesses and individuals who are looking to enhance their websites, social media, presentations, corporate marketing or any other type of video needs. 

Being that it is Cost Effective you won’t have to worry about production costs, filming, editing and all the other expenses that come as part of pre-production, the production itself and post production. (For example, hiring of talent, catering, crews and other associated outgoings you may come across such as postponing due to weather surprises.)

Another advantage is what we call filling in the blanks of your project. Some shots you might be needing would be hard to get due to lack of certain equipment or locations restrictions, such as needing a beach shot but you are in the middle of winter in Chicago or New York City and due to time restrictions cannot travel to shoot. 

Sevilla Group Studio provides cinematic 4k footage updated content to ensure that there is relevant footage that will meet your needs. We can also create brand integration between your product specific needs and our portfolio. Enhance any of our videos with your logo, music and information. 

You can find our online portfolios in the following pages:

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